Wolfram obal desky
Wolfram dækplade
Wolfraam afdekplaat
Tungsten cover plate
Plaque de tungstène
Piastra di copertura di tungsteno
Wolfram dekselet tallerken
Placa de cobertura de tungstênio
Placă de acoperire Wolfram
Вольфрам крышка
Placa de cubierta de tungsteno
Volfram täcka plattan
Tungsten Kapak plakasını

Tungsten cover plate

Tungsten cover plate Tungsten cover plate Tungsten cover plate

Physical and chemical properties

Purity: Mo 99.95%;
W 99.95%;
Density: Mo 10.1g/cm3 ;
W 19.17g/cm3;

Measurements and tolerances


Max diameter(mm)

2.0±0.1 660±0.2
1.0±0.08 660±0.2
0.5±0.04 660±0.2
0.3±0.03 660±0.2
Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Manufacture process and equipment




Quality check point

1 Mo sheet or W sheet   1 Physical and chemical properties
2 Check   2  Measurements (length, width, and thickness )
3 Surface quality
3 Wire cutting Wire cutting machine 1 Surface clearness
4 Machining CNC milling machine 2 Tolerance according to drawing
5 Clean Bending machine 3 No pollutant on surface, and no crack
6 Check Drilling press, Lathe  
7 Assembly Assembly platform 1 Surface clearness
8 Clean   2 Solid structure and no loose
9 Check   3 Assembly tolerance
10 Package   4 Show certificate of quality

Tungsten cover plate application

As the heat-shield parts in the sapphire growth furnace, the most decisive function of upper and bottom cover plate is to prevent and reflect the heat in the furnace. Heat-shield parts with high-density, exact-measurement, smooth-surface, convenient-assembly and reasonable-design has great significance in improving the crystal-pulling.


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