Wolfram trubice, wolframu trubky
Wolfram tube, Tungsten rør
Wolfraam buis, wolfraam buizen
Tungsten tube, Tungsten tubes
Tube de tungstène, tubes de tungstène
Wolfram-Röhrchen, Schläuche Wolfram
Tubo di tungsteno, tubi di tungsteno
Wolfram røret, Tungsten rør
Tubo de tungstênio, tubos de tungstênio
Wolfram tub, Tungsten tuburi
Вольфрам труб, трубы вольфрама
Tubo de tungsteno, tubos de tungsteno
Volfram röret, Tungsten rören
Tungsten tüp, Tungsten tüpler

Tungsten tube

Tungsten tube Tungsten tube Tungsten tube

1, Name: Tungsten tubes
2, Thickness: 8-30mm
3, Diameter: 30-500mm
4, Length: 10-2000mm
5, Appearance: silver grey metal luster
6, Density: Purity: W≥99.95%
7, Quality standard: GB/T 4187-1984 (tungsten rod) ASTM F288-90
8, Supply state: sintering or processing
9, Application: Mainly used for high temperature furnace components, crucible, missile rockets nozzle high temperature furnace, etc.

Parameters of tungsten tube


Thickness (mm)

Length (mm)

φ30~100 8~15 <2000
φ100~200 10~20
φ200~300 15~20
φ300~500 15~30

Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process of tungsten tube

Isostatic pressing machine --- IF induction sintering --- mechanical processing --- tungsten tubes

Production equipments

Isostatic pressing machine, IF induction sintering furnace, CNC vertical turning machine, CNC milling machine, coreless grinder, wire cutting machine

Applications of Tungsten tubes

Tungsten tube is widely used in the thermocouple protection tube, sapphire crystal furnace and high temperature furnace, etc. CTIA E-biz Center can provide tungsten tubes with high- precision, finish surface, straight size, and high temperature deformation.


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