Wolfram čluny
Wolfram boats
Wolfraam boten
Tungsten boats
Bateaux de tungstène
Barche di tungsteno
Wolfram båter
Barcos de tungstênio
Wolfram bărci
Вольфрам лодки
Barcos de tungsteno
Volfram båtar
Tungsten tekneler

Tungsten boats

Tungsten boats Tungsten boats Tungsten boats

1, Name: Tungsten boats
2, Appearance: silver grey metal luster
3, Density: not less than 19.1g/cm3
4, Supply state: processing
5, Quality standard: according to customer

Specifications of Tungsten boats

mm height width length thickness
min 2 10 20 0.20
max 100 900 900 8

Production process of Tungsten boat

Raw materials (tungsten powder) -- isostatic pressing -- IF induction sintering -- mechanical processing -- sintering boats

Production equipments

Isostatic pressing, IF induction sintering furnace, CNC milling machine, the small drill press

Application of Tungsten boats

Made with the rolling tungsten plate which density is 19.1g/cm3, tungsten boats have a square appearance, level bottom and accurate size. It plays an important role in the sintering of high precision ceramic and tungsten heavy alloy.


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