Molybden cíl
Molybdæn target
Molybdeen doel
Molybdenum target
Cible de molybdène
Destinazione di molibdeno
Molybden mål
Alvo de molibdênio
Molibden ţintă
Цель молибдена
Destino de molibdeno
Molybden mål
Molibden hedef

Molybdenum target

Molybdenum target Molybdenum target Molybdenum target

1 Name: Molybdenum target
2 Appearance: silver white metal luster
3 Purity: Mo≥99.95%
4 Density: not less than 10.1g/cm3
5 Supply state: Surface polishing, CNC machine processing
6 Quality standard: GB/T 3876-2007( molybdenum& molybdenum alloy plate)

Specifications of Molybdenum targets

  thickness width Length Verticality Parallelism Surface finish
Molybdenum target 8.0~16.0 10~660 10~1700 ±1 ±0.5 Ra0.8
3.0~8.0 10~660 10~2000 ±0.1 ±0.2 Ra0.8
1.0~3.0 10~660 10~3000 ±0.05 ±0.05 Ra0.8
Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements

Production process of Molybdenum targets

Materials -- CIP -- If induction sintering -- hot rolling -- annealing -- cold rolling -- annealing -- cutting -- machining -- molybdenum targets

Production equipments

Cool isostation pressing machine(CIP), IF induction sintering furnace, four-high cold  mill, vacuum annealing furnace, W43G series straightener, hydraulic plate shears, water jet, wire cutting machine, CNC vertical turning machine, machining center, flat-stone mill

Applications of Molybdenum targets

Molybdenum target is mainly used in plasma sputtering industry. With the electric field, electron collided with the argon atom when fly to the substrate, then argon atoms and electrics were ionized .The electrics fly to the substrate while argon atoms accelerate to bomb the target, the neutral atoms (or molecules) in the target deposit on the substrate and become the coating.

Since the molybdenum resistant to high temperature and corrosion, molybdenum targets are widely used in petroleum chemical industry, aviation, machine manufacturing, and electronics semiconductor industries and so on.

CTIA E-biz Center can provide molybdenum target that made with molybdenum powder which purity is 99.95%. High quality products have been made after decades of procedures such as pressing, sintering, rolling, cutting and surface grinding. Super sputtering target (single heavy reach to 120kg) is available at present.


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