Molybden šrouby, molybdenu šroub
Molybdæn skruer, Molybdenum skrue
Molybdeen schroeven, molybdeen schroef
Molybdenum screws, Molybdenum screw
Vis de molybdène, vis de molybdène
Molybdän-Schrauben, Molybdän-Schraube
Viti di molibdeno, vite di molibdeno
Molybden skruer, molybden skrue
Parafusos de molibdênio, parafuso de molibdênio
Molibden şuruburi, molibden şurub
Молибден винты, молибден винт
Tornillos de molibdeno, tornillo de molibdeno
Molybden skruvar, molybden skruv
Molibden vidalar, molibden vida

Molybdenum screws

Molybdenum screws Molybdenum screws Molybdenum screws

The molybdenum screws is equipped with Corrosion resisting function, Bright and clean surface, stable and thermostability.
The molybdenum screws are made from high-purity material. Based on the special feature, this product is mainly put into manufacturing machine, the chemical machine equipment and the electrical parts use.


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