Wolfram rybolovu hmotnosti, wolframu jigs
Wolfram fiskeri vægt, Tungsten jigs
Wolfraam visserij gewicht, wolfraam mallen
Tungsten fishing weight, Tungsten jigs
Poids de pêche de tungstène, Tungsten turluttes
Wolfram Fischerei Gewicht, Vorrichtungen Wolfram
Peso di pesca di tungsteno, maschere di tungsteno
Wolfram fiske vekt, Tungsten jigs
Peso de pesca de tungstênio, tungstênio gabaritos
Wolfram pescuit greutate, Tungsten jigs
Вольфрам рыбалка веса, вольфрам приспособлений
Peso de pesca de tungsteno, troqueles de tungsteno
Volfram fiske vikt, Tungsten jiggar
Tungsten balıkçılık ağırlığı, Tungsten aparatları
Tungsten counterweight

Tungsten fishing weight

Tungsten fishing weight Tungsten fishing weight Tungsten fishing weight

What is fishing weight or fishing sinker?

Tungsten weights are an ideal, environment-friendly alternative to lead weights, which are toxic and increasingly being labeled an environmental hazard. Tungsten weights are harder than steel and extremely dense, tungsten being on average 30 percent smaller than its lead counterpart. Tungsten weights are smaller than conventional weights, create twice the sound of lead weights and maintain their shape for longer. Tungsten is also used in the production of other fishing applications, such as tungsten carbide line cutters and tungsten powder coating for fishing lines.

A fishing sinker or plummet is a weight used to force a lure or bait to increase its rate of sink, anchoring ability, and/or casting distance. Fishing sinkers may be as small as 1/32 of an ounce for applications in shallow water, even smaller for fly fishing applications, or as large as several pounds or considerably more for deep sea fishing. They are formed into nearly innumerable shapes for diverse fishing applications. Environmental concerns surround the usage of most fishing sinker materials.

A jig is a type of fishing lure that usually consisting of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish. However, recently, tungsten alloy fishing weights (fishing sinkers) is becoming more and more popular among angles because it has the features of high density, small volume, and environmental friendly, and has been taking place of the lead sinker. Jigs are intended to create a jerky, vertical motion, as opposed to spinner baits which move through the water horizontally. The jig is very versatile and can be used in both salt water as well as fresh water. Many species are attracted to the lure which has made it popular amongst anglers for years.

The fishing sinker/ weight is made by rare metal - Tungsten, it is an ideal substitute of the lead fishing sinker. It's strong adhesive, semi-solid state, soft for a long term. Tungsten alloys concentrate maximum weight in the smallest possible space. They are more often to be used as counterweight in sporting field, such as fishing sinkers, golf weights, etc.

Advantages for tungsten alloy fishing sinkers/weights

*Small body
*High density
*Nuisance free
*Strong wind resistance
*International environment protection standard

We can offer tungsten alloy fishing sinkers/weights, tungsten beads, tungsten jig at various shape, such as shape of bullet, drop, tube, semi-drop and cylinder. Besides, we can manufacture fishing sinkers/weights according to your drawings.


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