Měděné molybdenu list, měděné molybdenu listy
Kobber molybdæn ark, kobber molybdæn ark
Koperen molybdeen blad, koperen molybdeen bladen
Copper molybdenum sheet, Copper molybdenum sheets
Feuille de molybdène cuivre, molybdène cuivre feuilles
Kupfer-Molybdän-Blatt, Kupfer-Molybdän-Blätter
Foglio di rame, molibdeno, rame, molibdeno fogli
Kobber molybden ark, kobber molybden ark
Folha de molibdênio cobre, cobre de confeitaria.
Molibden foaie de cupru, molibden foi de cupru
Медный лист молибдена, медные листы молибдена
Hoja de cobre molibdeno, cobre molibdeno hojas
Koppar molybden blad, koppar molybden blad
Molibden levha bakır, molibden Yaprak Bakır
Copper tungsten

Copper molybdenum sheet

Copper molybdenum sheet Copper molybdenum sheet Copper molybdenum sheet

Copper molybdenum sheet introduction

1, Grade: Mo85Cu15, Mo70Cu30, Mo60Cu40, Mo50Cu50
2, Length: 5mm-300mm
3, Width: 5mm-300mm
4, Thickness: 0.1mm-5.0mm
5, Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products available

Copper molybdenum sheet is a composite made from molybdenum and copper. Similar to copper tungsten alloy, CTE of copper molybdenum sheet can also be tailored by adjusting the composition. But copper molybdenum sheet is much lighter than copper molybdenum sheet, so that it is more suitable for aeronautic and astronautic applications.

The advantages of copper molybdenum alloy

  • High thermal conductivity due to no sintering additives were used
  • Excellent hermetic
  • Relatively small density
  • Stampable sheets available
  • Semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) parts available

The data of copper molybdenum sheet

Ingredients Name

CAS Number

% Weight

Molybdenum 7439-98-7 50-85
Copper 7440-50-8 15-50



Mo 85%
Cu 15%

Mo 70%
Cu 30%

Mo 50%
Cu 50%

10.0 9.6 9.5
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
6.3 7.5 9.8
Thermal Conductivity
160 190 245
Specific Heat Capacity
275 300 320
Young’s Modulus
275 220 170
Specific Electrical Resistance
0.044 0.035 0.027
Vickers Hardness
235 175 145

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